Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should you hire Unpacking Solutions?

Moving is one of the biggest stresses in your life. It is a time of great uncertainty and you never not know if what you’re doing is correct. Should you keep something, donate it or discard it? We can help solve this and many other issue for you, and take much of the stress out of your move.

What about unpacking?

Once the movers are gone, our “special touch” starts to work in your home! We unpack all your boxes, put everything away, and make suggestions on how best to organize your belongings. This includes buying containers, lining your kitchen cabinets and drawers, and washing your china and glasses. Everything should shine in your new home, and be ready to use.

How do you charge for services?

By the hour for unpacking and by an estimate for other services.

How many people on jobs?

We typically work in teams of two. If a job merits just one person, we can do that. For those big jobs, we can deliver a crew of organizers to get a good jump on the project.

Excerpt from a Dover Sherborn Press article by staff writer Christine Leonard:
Dover—Sisters Heather Hodgson and Jenni Hodgson Brady are the masters of solutions when it comes to redecorating and reorganizing after a move. Through their company, Unpacking Solutions, the partners have helped many people before, during and after a major household move.

“We had helped many friends and family members move over the years,” said Hodgson. “But we found it was much easier when you didn’t have any connection to the items you were putting away.”

After receiving her MBA, Hodgson, who was working in banking, knew she wanted to go into business for herself. “I realized that I just wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. I wound up doing a lot of research about the moving industry and found that there were areas that needed to be improved. My sister and I found this niche in putting people’s homes back together after they moved.”

“Moving companies,” Hodgson said, “will take marked boxes and put them in the correct room, sometimes unloading items to one corner, but that’s it.”

“We take it a step further by actually putting things away in closets or drawers, washing dishes for the kitchen and making sure everything is in its place.”

They also breakdown and remove all boxes.

Moving companies take responsibility for helping people pack their precious items in the first place, but Unpacking Solutions also provides that service. “We want to be an alliance to moving companies, not a competitor” said Hodgson, who has been distributing literature to various companies to pass on to their clients.